About the GEPG

The goal of the Genome Engineering Production Group (GEPG) is to provide researchers with easy, low cost access to improved reagents for genome engineering. We gratefully acknowledge the HMS Tools and Technology program for start-up support.

The GEPG currently builds custom CRISPR sgRNA construct for knock-out, knock-in or other projects, and donor constructs for knock-in projects. Users will provide gene names or target sequences, and the GEPG will handle design, production, sequence verification, and distribution of the resulting constructs, or users can directly provide sgRNA sequences for construct building. We can also provide consultation on engineering strategies and help with design of donor constructs.

We are now building custom donor constructs for knock-in approaches.

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CRISPR Users Group

CRISPR listserv and user group for the HMS community.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 7, from 10-11 AM in NRB 350

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For more information please contact: gepg@genetics.med.harvard.edu

The GEPG is led by Co-Directors Dr. Gerald Marsischky and Stephanie Mohr. We gratefully acknowledge HMS Tools and Technology for start-up support.